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Movies With an Extra Hop in Their Step

25 May

"No, Mr. Bunny. I expect you to die."

Movie parodies are nothing new. Movies recapped in under a minute, also not groundbreaking material. But movie recaps acted out by Flash animated bunnies in 30 seconds or less? Now we’re getting somewhere.

I stumbled across Angry Alien Productions this past week. Created by Jennifer Shiman in 2004, the series has lampooned over 60 movies from¬†Casablanca to The Terminator,¬†The Grudge to Jurassic Park. A few of the shorts can only be viewed on Starz.com, the series’ distributor, but most can be seen on Angry Alien’s main page.

If you’re looking for a place to start, the four listed above are pretty funny. And since they’re 30 seconds each, you really have no excuse not to watch them.