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Anyone up for an “Inception” cast movie marathon?

14 Aug

Blow your mind...

Did Inception blow your mind? Have you seen it multiple times already? Do you hear the slow bbbaaaammmm anytime something happens suddenly? Say no more-you are “Inception”-intoxicated.

Can this cast do a bunch of other movies together-please?

It’s perfectly fine, there are other movies out there to bring you out of this new dream scape and back to normal movie-goer life. And to make the transition easier, I’m going to incorporate the cast in this experiment as well. Ease your anxiety over whether this world is real or not with some Leo DiCaprio period pieces or Joseph Gordon Levitt romantic comedies. Just sit back, relax, and don’t bother remembering how you got there-movies are a dream after all….

Films starring…

Leo DiCaprio: The man has 22 pre-production credits on imdb.com. How that’s even possible, I can’t imagine. Or I can, as the rumor mill has been churning since Scorsese’s new Pacino is off and doing his own thing. The boy wonder’s been in the business longer than I’ve been alive. First recommendation of the article: “What’s eating Gilbert Grape.” If you haven’t seen it, and have made fun of Leo’s acting in Titanic-you can shut your mouth, because this role was his first Oscar nom-at age 20. Let’s not forget the highly under-appreciated Scorsese classic, “Gangs of New York”, in which family and loyalty get mixed in a bloody street war between immigrants and “natives.” Clearly, there’s something to be said here.

Quite the party he missed...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Arthur didn’t always used to be so suave. Back in the day, in “10 Things I Hate About You,” he was the adorable geeky kid in high school trying to win the affection of Julia Stiles. Unfortunately, he was up against Heath Ledger’s punk rocker character, so there ended that. He gave love another shot in the darling indie film “500 Days  of Summer.” He is in love with love, and is crushed to find he seems to be alone in that category. You feel the ups and downs he rides through in this tumultuous relationship. But the lovable loser has certainly matured to a leading action man thanks to “Inception.”

Ellen Page: Yet another Indie artist, Ellen’s been around the block and back starring in both controversial and mainstream movies. Of course, you mainly recognize her as the leading lady with a baby on the way in Jason Reitman’s ironically funny “Juno.” Sarcastic and crass, she’s a down-to-earth kind of girl dealing with real life issues. I haven’t seen a comedy that refreshingly honest in the longest time. Then there’s the other big box office titan she starred in: “X-Men: The Last Stand.” I mean good, because I was getting tired of poorly written sequels. Plus, they effectively killed like half the cast. It’s dead now-right? Little Miss Page played the supporting role of Shadow Kat in the film, in case you were too in awe of Hugh Jackman’s abs.

Beauty and the Money...

Ken Watanabe: A highly underrated actor in the states, but in Japan he’s royalty. He broke to American audiences in the Tom Cruise vehicle, “The Last Samurai.” Okay Tom Cruise and his odd hairdo aside, it’s a pretty decent piece. Ken Watanabe stole the show for me. Not as over-ecstatic like a Kurosawa lead, but strong and silent enough to ignore Cruise’s hair. Did anyone else notice how it didn’t move naturally or was that me? Anyway, Watanabe’s role in “Memoirs of a Geisha” was the real treat. The only kind face, even in the face of war, he keeps the movie grounded from going too far into over-melodramatic. But, you’re going to have to get over the fact that he’s around twenty years older than the geisha who crushes on him. But if you watch the movie, not even close to the other guys she’s forced to coerce with.

Cillian Murphy: Mr. CEO jr. in the movie seems to have a tendency to play the villain rather than the victim. In “Batman: Begins,” Dr. Crane (in-joke on Frasier? You decide…) is actually the psycho Scarecrow. Frighteningly calm, Cillian is able to make me feel creeped-out in a theater full of people with just the side-long glance at the camera. Apparently, he too has a soft side, with his role in “The Edge of Love,” as a kind and caring husband. From “Red-Eye” to romantic period piece lead? Talented this one is.

Wake up-if you can...

Marion Cotillard: French import and 2008 winner of the Oscar, beating fellow co-star Ellen Page, she too has quite the filmography. To keep in line with the “is it real or unreal” feel, I’ll recommend her first major American crossover, “Big Fish.” A father’s twisted tale sends his son on a quest to prove him wrong, before his father passes. Both endearing and entertaining. But, let’s not forget the Oscar winner’s big role as Edith Piaf in “La Vie en Rose.” Yes, that’s her song in the movie “Inception,” but it was chosen way before the cast was. Pure coincidence-or was it?

Michael Caine: This man’s a film institute unto himself.  We all know his Alfred role, but it’s the “Alfie” years I want to recommend to viewers as many have not seen his earlier stuff. Which is a shame, because it is so worth digging into the strangeness that was ’60s British movies. First up, is widely recognized as one of the best Brit films of all time, “Get Carter.” Murder, revenge, a dashing young Michael Caine out for blood. It’s much more believable than the Bond series, but has all the violence  and mystery we’ve come to love. Speaking of mysteries, “Sleuth” was a surprisingly amazing film I stumbled across during one afternoon on TCM. Co-starring with the legendary Laurence Olivier, “Sleuth” is a murder mystery that hardly ever leaves one room, mostly only has the two leads matching wits and trying to pry the other for answers. The tense buildup has you more anxious than any gore film, and it only gets better as time goes on. Solve the mystery for yourself and check it out.

Meet the new "Ocean's 11"

and directed by-Christopher Nolan: Okay, so you have his earlier stuff, which were pretty creepy. But then creepy grew up by playing dress up in a bat suit. Proving what “they say can’t be done,” is only more reason to to do so-Batman Begins is an incredibly well put together psychological analysis of the Batman myth. Kudos for starting a weird trademark in throwing poor Cillian Murphy’s face into a sackcloth as Scarecrow.  But, in the good ol’ tradition of a plot twist-take in The Prestige, yet another movie with an amazing all-star cast including Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Michael Caine. Not to mention, somehow in the midst of a seedy magician’s competition, we get the electric god of Tesla in the form of David Bowie. BBBBaaammmm.

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