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Boston Film Events-Summer ’10

3 Jul

Movies on the Lawn-available here too!

I’m doing this officially as a post, but also as a FYI to those not acquainted to my newly christened “Boston Movie Circuit.”

Basically, we go out, we see movies, we have a good old time. It’s just that simple.

I’ve (slightly) painstakingly put together a listing of movie venues and events from around the Boston area for people to enjoy. This includes free or discounted movies, special events such as director visits and marathons, and film-related events such as Film Night at Tanglewood.

So please, read and enjoy your summer in the city.

You can sign up on Facebook for the latest updates and get togethers here.

~Coolidge Corner Theater~

-Roxbury Film Fest (next Thurs)
-Mad Max (midnight movie, either 9/10)
-Raiders of the Lost Ark (July 12th-you don’t want to missss!!!)
-The Big Lebowski (Aug 16th)

~Brattle Theater~
-FREE-Elements of Cinema: Double Feature!
Beauty and the Beast(Sat 7/10 at 11:00 AM)
Orpheus(Sat 7/10 at 1:00 PM)
-The Hospital, with Director Fredrick Wiseman in person! (July 19)
-Back to Back to Back to the Future Marathon (July 25)
-Return of “Metropolis”: (Aug 6-9)

Series (many awesome movies):
-Best of the Oughts
-100 years of the Noir

Check out the documentary series:

-Kick Ass (July 9/10)
-Jaws (July 23/24)
-Green Zone (Aug 6/7)
-Date Night (Aug 20/21)

July-French Film Festival

~FREE Movies at the Hatch Shell~
starts at 8pm!
7/9 “The Wizard of Oz”
7/16 “Star Trek”
7/23 “Where the Wild Things Are”
7/30 “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs”
8/6 “Monsters vs. Aliens”
8/13 “How to Train Your Dragon”
8/20 “The Princess & The Frog”
8/27 “Up”

~FREE Movies in the Moonlight~
starts at dusk at the Boston Harbor Hotel!
July 9: “The Maltese Falcon”
July 16: “Field of Dreams”
July 23: “An Affair to Remember”
July 30: “Some Like It Hot”
Aug. 6: “All About Eve”
Aug. 13: “Tootsie”
Aug. 20: “All the President’s Men”
Aug. 27: “The Adventures of Robin Hood”
Sept. 3: “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

~Free films at the BPL~


10 Hulu Movies: Roundup 1

1 Jul

This past Tuesday, the evil conglomerates that own one of the best free (not illegal!) streaming website are going to start a premium pay service (for the audacious fee of $9.95 a month) that will effectively put hulu.com on the path to being an exclusive subscription based website. Well, not yet you see-which is why you should get a jump on its selection of free movies/TV shows while you still have the chance.

So after a quick browse/watch/shifting through the “Cheerleading Ninjas” of shit on there, I’ve made a little list, with more to come…enjoy! (Note to self: start making a “Hulu to Remember: Worst of the Worst list.”)

Note: Not all films on this list will have long term viewing licenses-so as of 7/1/10, they were on the site, but they maybe gone within the next few days-so be sure to check! (But hey, these are films I’ve watched, so they are/can be decent.)

1)“High Fidelity”

Highly unappreciated film. John Cusack stars as the music guy who’s obsessed with making the perfect lists of everything in his life. When he loses his girlfriend, our lovable dork must figure out life isn’t just as organized as his music collection. Fun scenes between his friends, Jack Black included, and the great tunes to boot. Cute ’90s Rom Com to pass the time.


Drama, drama, drama. Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington take on the law in the ’80s to fight for the rights of gay men living with HIV/AIDS. But, clearing discrimination and keeping his reputation intact, these men must fight opposition on all fronts in order to restore rights to the disenfranchised. Be prepared to tear up a little, especially when Antonio Banderas plays the role he seems to love to take up-the passionate Latin lover.

3)“War Games”

Camp ’80s classic starring Ferris Bueller Matthew Broderick, “War Games” is an adorable old antique picture of the dark days of limited personal computer use and supercomputers the size of an elementary school. Scary. That, and an innocent kid accidentally plunges the world into WWIII by playing a game with the war computer in the Pentagon. They were simpler times.

4)“The Secret of NIHM”

Yay for the animated entry into my first list! I loved this movie as a little girl, and I still love it now. The often ignored Don Bluth animation style may have fallen out of favor, but I would love to see it make a comeback. More fades and shades, special film effects, and interesting coloring schemes plunge these darker non-Disney films (Among them “All Dogs go to Heaven”, “Anastasia”, and “Land before Time”) into a category unto themselves. A mouse’s tale to survive and save her family after the passing of her husband, whose mysterious past was unknown-until now.

5) “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”

Another touching story about family, but with a lot more dysfunction. Johnny Depp stars as a conflicted teen trying to live his life while coping with an Autistic brother and his morbidly obese mother. The temptation to run away is more than he can stand. A movie certainly worth watching.

6) “When the Music Dies”

My only documentary on the list, primarily because I intend to keep my docs separated from movies. They are different, trust me. This one here is a great overview of the music industry and how it’s current model of business will destroy it. From bad money decisions to the lack of originality of the product, this documentary looks at the past, present, and possible future of a vastly changing art form.


History pick alert! Amazingly detailed account of the story of Mahatmas Gandhi-both before his days as a peaceful activist up until his assassination. Ben Kingsley is incredible as the leader, and the entire supporting cast performs accordingly. Highly recommend this winner of 8 Oscars, you don’t even feel the three hours thanks to the skillful direction of Richard Attenborough.

8 ) “His Girl Friday”

Fast paces comedy pitting Cary Grant, an editor, against his ex-wife and his best reporter, Rosalind Russell. Let the classic romantic sparks fly and the words shoot  line after line in witty putdowns. “If you was worth breaking my nails on I’d tear your face wide open.” If only all divorces were this funny… wait…scratch that…

9)“Terror By Night”

Not a shitty horror movie-I swear! It’s actually one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes movies, starring (in my opinion) one of the best actors ever to play the clever sleuth, Basil Rathbone. It would have been more aptly named “Terror on a Train” as we are stuck solving the mystery aboard one, and time is certainly of the essence. Also check out the other classic Holmes available on Hulu for a more complete look at the characterization of the most famous detective the world has ever known.

10) “Chaplin”

I saved this one for last because of sentimental reasons. Not just because I’m a die-hard Chaplin fan, but because this is the movie that started it all for me. One boring summer morning, I got up at 6:50am in order to watch a movie on AMC (damn you, commercial filled channel!) I found this movie while channel surfing the night before. I recognized the name, but knew very little about him. So, at 7a.m., my life changed forever by watching “Chaplin.” It was my introduction to silent films, to old style comedies, to physical pratfalls, to the history of cinema and her audiences. Love at first sight. The amazing cast, under the direction of Richard Attenborough, includes Robert Downey Jr. in an Oscar nominated performance, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Marisa Tomei, Dan Ackroyd, Kevin Klein, James Woods, Milla Jovovich, Diane Lane, and Geraldine Chaplin, the daughter of Charlie Chaplin.

The score, with beautiful promotional pictures.

Happy Hulu Hunting!