About Us

Welcome to Beyond the Backlot!

This will be a blog about the movies from two Boston University students. We hope to post on a regular basis about new films, the state of the industry, classic movies, film in Boston, and much more.

Here’s a quick blurb from our two writers about what we’ll be writing about and how we got started in film.

From our first writer, Monica:

Hello kindred readers, I’m Monica Castillo, a senior at Boston University studying something other than film. I have always been in love with the movies, and my mother always used to take me to the theater as a child. She also taught me how to sneak into extra screenings (you know, more movie magic for your dollars).

I developed a deep love for the moving pictures during the latter half of high school. I blame Richard Attenborough’s stunningly well crafted Chaplin for spiking my interests in classic Hollywood. I intend to write mostly on old classics and some of those less-than-classics, plus a few articles concerning new Hollywood (once I get caught up of course), movie reviews and hopefully a few perspectives from the social science part of things.

And now our second writer, Paul:

Hey everyone, my name is Paul Squire. I’m also a senior at Boston University majoring in journalism at the College of Communications. I’ve always loved watching movies, but I only decided to pursue film criticism as a career recently, so I’m still catching myself up on the classics I so foolishly neglected. I’ll be writing more about modern Hollywood, current movies, and trends in the current industry.

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope to see you soon.


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